January 30, 2008

The Tap Room

Welcome to the smallest bar on the planet. It has been a long, long ass time since I've gone to "The Bar". Really it's called The Bar. And, if I remember right about 6 people can fill the place up and pints are a buck before 8. Maybe I'll make a winter trek for a pint or two. Or maybe not, it is ridiculously cold out there. Maybe I'll just wait until spring. Yeah, that may be better.

January 24, 2008


I had a friend who use to live above this place. The store on the left is an on-line dish store. So, if you have a special set of china and brake a plate, they may have a replacement. I'm guessing that a lot of plates have been broken in the process because in the back are all these mosaics.
If you want to check them out in real life they are on north side of 2100 south and about 800 east. On the east side is a tattoo shop and laundromat. I'm sure most people have seen the front of this building and never known that in the back is a bit of hidden art.

Some of these are fairly intricate and would take some real patience. I wonder what came first the dishes or the design?

January 23, 2008


These pics are just something pretty to look at. Enjoy.
And if anyone could tell me what these berries are, that would be great.
Well, and also what these are. I love how geometric the stems are.

January 20, 2008


Hell, yeah! But who's ENEY?

January 16, 2008


OK, I took this picture a while ago and this guy did not win. But when I saw this, I just had to laugh. This guy made the liquor laws more reasonable? How? Because from where I am sitting the liquor laws are still ridiculous. I went to the Dessert Brewing Company for dinner and found out that because of our reasonable liquor laws, half the restaurant can serve any kind of drink (with food purchase only) and the other side can only serve beer regardless of whether or not you get food. What kind of a retard thought that up? Then at Area 51 the under 21 patrons can't be allowed to see that liquor is being sold. Yet, they can see it being consumed. What the hell? Do they think that if they see liquor being bought that they'll become alcoholics or go on a bender? Most of those kids have already had a few drinks before going in anyway. Yeah, when it comes to liquor laws Utah is definitely not reasonable.

January 15, 2008

Death of Sugarhouse

The only reason Sugarhouse was so amazing is due to the wonderful eclectic mix of stores. Hippie shops, hardcore shops, smoke shops, free speach shops, and anything goes shops. But now it is all over. There will no longer be a funky Sugarhouse.
It is being torn apart and given to the yuppies who wish that they could be as funky as we. I'm not worried that eclectic places will disappear. Somewhere else an area just as great will crop up but for now we all mourn the lose of an era.
We all knew it was coming. What with the construction of the "look like everyone else" shopping area just across the way. Not that I am not guilty of shopping there from time to time. Still I'd hope that at least one semblance of what Sugarhouse was all about would stay. I guess all things must come to an end.

January 3, 2008

Vegas, Baby!!

So, went to Las Vegas for New Years. It was a blast, even with slightly limited funds. It was colder than I expected and there as much, much more walking. My feet were ready to stage a revolt by the end of it. Surprisingly there were not that many people. It was crowded in places but not bad at all. The amount of children was strange to me. I would not really think of Vegas as a kids place. Maybe older kids, 14 and over. They can kind of watch out for themselves. But there were a lot of really young kids 3, 4, 5 years old. What do you take a kid that young to Vegas for?
Also, there did not seem to be that many drunks. I mean there were some, my family included, but really most people were very mellow. I only saw 2 fights, 2 people puking, 1 arrest and a zillion stupid girls. It was cold in Vegas that night, somewhere in the low 30's and all over the place were girls in small dresses and high heels. I know that they wanted to look good but no one looks sexy while turning blue and shivering. No one.
I do commend the city of Vegas for being so organized. The street was blocked of to traffic at about 11 and by 3 most everything had been cleaned up and the street was back in business. Almost like nothing had happened. And in the middle of it all were the religious fanatics with bull horns trying to warn us of the hell we are going to. I wonder if they really believe that they are going to save someone this way. A last minute conversion on the streets of Vegas. Some drunk lost soul is save by their hell and brimstone signs and unintelligible preaching from the megaphone. What a buzz kill.