July 30, 2007


In case you want to visit this, it is spray painted on the side walk of the downtown Smith's. On 600 south by the mail boxes. I've had the privilege of meeting the guy that does this and let me tell you, he is a weird man. This same tag can be seen all over town. I've never seen it on anything but the sidewalks. Which is nice because Jesus would never damage personal property, just public. This one is my favorite of all that I've seen. Goes to show how a simple couple of words can make all the difference.

July 25, 2007

24th of July

700 east on Pioneer day is the place to be. Forget the over crowded Liberty Park. 700 east rocks. The street gets blocked off and people sit all over the street light fireworks, which you can't do in the park. The display of fireworks is even better on the 24th than the one for the 4th of July. But when you live in Mormon land you have to remember that anything Mormon is better than anything that is just American.