November 26, 2007

Gilgal, part 2

More about the Gigel gardens. All around the garden are these large stones inscribed with religious quotes that Mr. Gigel found inspiring. Myself I could not bring myself to read many of these. After a few lines I got the drift. I'm not very religious, can you tell?

November 19, 2007


HAHAHA! More like the making a family center. This is at the strip mall on 400 south an 600 east with the Ace hardware and Paradise Cafe (great place for lunch by the way). If you go to the far east side of the building and down the alley a bit you'll see this work of art. I've been passing by this sign for 6 months or so. Either the owners don't care or no one goes down this way. It is pretty deserted most of the time, which would make for a great place to get it on.

November 15, 2007

For rent

Are you kidding? Good credit my ass. They should be thankful to whoever decides to live here. This house is on 525 S. 500 E. and last time that I passed by it was actually rented out. I'm shocked. I bet you that the renter most likely does not have good credit. Why? Because the house is ghetto. I would not live here and my credit sucks. And even with my bad credit, I found a much nicer place to live than this.

November 5, 2007

Gilgal, part 1

This park use to be someones backyard but after much effort by a group called the "Friends of Gilgal Garden" it has been transformed into a state park. This is probably the strangest state park there is in Salt Lake. It is right next door to the Wonderbread Factory.

The statues that are though out the garden are the creation of Thomas Child. He worked on this garden from 1945 to 1963. I stumbled on the park a couple of months ago on my way to the gym and took a ridiculous amount of pictures. So, I have spit them up in 6 parts. Hope you like them.

November 2, 2007


A good acquaintance of mine and many, many other people, has opened up his own coffee shop. It's been open for a couple of month now and seems to be doing pretty well. It has some of the best coffee I've ever tried.
And if you want to catch random people hula-hooping, you may just want to drop by on a Friday night. It is open until 12am on Friday and Saturday.
The inside is very nicely decorated. Super comfy couches in case the caffeine does not wake you up. I do think that he probably over spent on those couches but from a customers point of view it is very swank.

There is even this great space of booths. Each one has an outlet, great for laptops or other devices. It's a great set up for students. Since it is located right across the street from the community college, it was a very smart move. So, go and check the Coffee Connection out it is on 1580 S. State St.