January 31, 2009


Wow, now I really like the 9th and 9th area but these people are in love, love with the area. You go with your bad self.

January 26, 2009


Just an FYI, if your sidewalk looks like the one above, you are a BASTARD! But if your sidewalk looks like the one below, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

January 25, 2009


She's new. She purrs very loudly. She eats like a dog and she fetches (yes, fetches) like one too.

January 20, 2009


To celebrate the inauguration a portion of Winsor Street decided to have a street party and invite all of Utah. It was not as full as I thought it would be but still nice to be a part of. Live music. Games. Heaters. Port-a-pottie. Shoe toss. They thought of everything. KSL had a tiny article about it on-line. But the response in relation was huge.

Last I had checked there were about 300 comments. Most negative. Along the lines of "You may disagree with him but why would you disrespect a president of the USA like that?" A few of the comments were "If he were black people would be in arms about this party." and even less were "The organizer looks like a typical angry, liberal, dyke, bitch"

To the first comment I say you have to earn respect, which he did when he was elected and which he lost when he started to make horrible choices (wire tapping, torture, "nucular"). To the next comment I say "Yeah, maybe some people would be, but your up in arms about this one. Seems the same both ways to me". And lastly, I say "It takes one to know one. Come out of that closet into the light."

January 18, 2009


Just something nice to look at.

January 16, 2009


Only a few day's left in the Bush era and arn't I glad. Do I think that Obama will take care of everything, solve all of the world's problems? No. There's no way that one man could, especially since he will have to work with the other branches of government. I'll be happy, if he can ease the economic tail spin, do something about Iraq and help the rest of the world see us less like bullies and more like friends.

The economic downturn was not caused by the Bush presidency but I do think it was helped along by the idea that business should be allowed to do anything as long as it benefits the bottom line. I feel that once a business gets to a level were their actions are tied to the fortune of the country, that they need to be accountable to us all not just to their shareholders. Some regulation must exist. It's that word "some" that's the problem. How much is to much and how little is not enough? I don't want the government to run these businesses but I also don't want them to allow bad business models to drag us all down.

Iraq is just a horrible mistake. Yes, Saddam was a disgusting, horrid, powerful man and he needed to go but it was not our place to do it. Our place was to deal with Al-Qaeda. They're our enemy. So, many lives have been wasted. Now that we have bombed the shit out of Iraq, we must stay and fix it. We fucked up and must deal with the consequences. But in the mean time we must focus on the true enemy Al-Qaeda. I think Obama will attempt to do this.

And well our image problem. Humility will be our new favorite word.

Dear Mr. President, Good Luck.

January 9, 2009


Last May 2008 Utah Free Media opened it's on-line doors. KRCL had decided to make some format changes that left a bad taste in some people's mouths. So, UtahFM was born. Their site states that "Our position has been that since KRCL has made these changes in their programming, they have given up on the ideals and values inherent in the phrase "Radio Free Utah,".....We have said from the beginning that we are not anti-KRCL. We want to create a positive alternative for our community...."

I've only been able to listen at work since it's an on-line only radio station. They're exactly what you would expect an independent station to be. Mellow, calm and just this side of boring. Which is exactly what KRCL and NPR are like. I know so many people that only listen to these stations. Myself, I can only handle so much. The announcers voices are just to soothing, to calm and mature. They lull me into sleep. I'm sure that they are just trying to distinguish themselves from the Morning Zoo crowd but do they have to be so damn calm? At least NPR has Car Talk to perk them up a bit. But if you enjoy independent radio and don't mind the on-line only thing. UtahFM really is a good change of pace. Check them out at, http://www.utahfm.org/