February 28, 2008

Gilgal, part 3

Can you tell that I don't do much in winter? These are more pics of the sculptures found in the Gilgal garden. This portion of the garden represents the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar about a giant that had been destroyed by a stone. The stone then became a mountain. The giant represented the kingdoms of that time and the rock that destroys the giant represents the kingdom of god. To the creator of the garden the LDS church is the kingdom of god which will destroy all the other churches and rule forever. Obviously, Mr. Child did not take into consideration how important a cup of coffee before work and a beer after is to so many people, myself included. For just this reason, I don't believe that the LDS church will ever rule the hearts of all.

February 23, 2008


Was this place ever open? It has been just like this for as long as I've lived here and never have I seen a person inside or this place open for business. In the back it looks as if someone lives there.
But if someone is living there, why would they leave the front of the place run down for over a decade. Wouldn't you want to clean it up and use the space for something...anything? Oh well, I guess the popcorn boxes can just keep getting dusty. And the way things are going in Sugarhouse this building will be torn down and replaced in time.

February 18, 2008


Winter is a drag and I'm hoping that it will be over soon.....really, really soon. But in the mean time I decided to take a stroll through Liberty park and noticed this lady feeding the ducks, seagulls and geese. Next I noticed just how hilarious it is to watch them slide on the ice.
Usually the only thing slipping and falling on the ice is me. Watching these guys try to get the bread was great. I must have been there about a half hour giggling like a school girl. I guess if it has to be freezing outside at least there is some entertainment value.

February 13, 2008

Carmina, part 1

My super kitty extraordinaire. She has learned how to self pet. Amazing.

February 5, 2008


Go vote, people! I voted for Barack Obama to win the democratic nomination. I realize that I live in a very conservative state were even the liberals are the conservatives of other states, therefore I think that Hillary will win the ballot here. Also, this being the Mormon mecca, Romney will win the republican ballot hands down. I'm still happy to have voted and participated in our democracy. And it only took a whole 5 minutes. Totally worth it .

February 4, 2008


On one of my random walks about town, I found this place. At first I thought it was some kind of park or hiking area and decided to check it out.

There were a few non-working fountains, stone gazebos and statues. Then noticed the houses and figured that this may not be a park. I saw a few chickens and amazing peacocks just wandering free. That seemed a little strange if it was just a neighborhood. The peacock below is fairly plain compared to a couple that were walking around someone's back yard but she's the only one that was holding still.

The people that live here must be huge bird fanciers because at every turn were stones carved with sayings about how wonderful birds and nature are. Someone really must have spent a whole lot of time doing the mosaics and masondry around the place.

And then I saw this sign, which kind of scared me. I mean this place seems very hippie dippie and to run into this sign made me wonder if someone had a scope on me the whole time. Needless to say I turned right back around and left the land of the peacocks.