March 30, 2008


This was posted on the east side of the Monaco hotel. I miss the days when work was an option not a necessity. When I could care less about medical benefits or retirement. I'm only 30 but the working world has won. I am willing to give up my time in place of a check that allows me to be comfortable. I hope they are able to keep the feeling of freedom that they have for as long as possible. Eventually it will have to end and they to will become part of the working for the weekend gang.

March 28, 2008


I think that the Grand America hotel must be either operated by or trying to attract aliens. Their railing is all the proof I need. That and the fact that it is still open. How a huge hotel can make money in SLC when there are so many other hotels around is a mystery to me. I just can't imagine that many people wanting to visit this place outside of skiing season and then I'd guess most of those visitors would be in the mountain resorts not downtown. I mean could there really be that much of a draw to SLC? Really? Yup, must be aliens.

March 26, 2008


I don't quite get this. Is this insulting or bragging? Is the tagger Don telling DAQuickness that he is a bitch nigga or are Don and DAQuickness one in the same? And what is up with the smiley sun? It seems like a tough guy thing to tag this but such a little girl thing to add the smiley. I'm so confused.

March 25, 2008


Took a walk a couple of weeks ago and was afraid for everyone that uses I-80. Currently it is under construction being made wider (and better, you hope) but for now it is looking scary.
Just walking under this made me nervous, driving would be scary. I know that there is a lot of support put into the freeways but still this looks bad. There weren't even any birds roosting on this overpass. Usually you'll see a whole community of birds nested in the nooks and crannies.
You know it's bad when not even the birds want to be near it. Yikes.

March 20, 2008

337, part 2

More from the 337 project. Most of the doors in this building were removed to allow for people to move about and a few of them became outdoor art.

This eye was my boyfriends favorite of the whole show.
But I think this eye is more impressive or at least creepier.

March 17, 2008

Urban art

Just some interesting art to look at. Enjoy.

March 14, 2008


I've seen this graffiti various places around SLC. It reminds me of the circus ringleader saying "come one, come all and see the freaks. Be next to enter the world of wonder."

March 9, 2008

337, part 1

These are actually pics taken last spring at the 337 project. The 337 project was the creation of a husband and wife team who had bought a building intending to convert the space into condos. Somehow it turned out that gutting it would not work and that the building would have to be torn down. Well before tearing it down they decided to allow local artists to go crazy on the place and fill it completely with art. Then for a few weeks people could go in and check it out for FREE!!!
I took all the pictures using my camera phone and it took me ages to send them to my e-mail, then save them to the computer and then up-load them to blogger. The real reason that I finaly got around to it was that I wanted a new ringtone but with all the pictures there just was no memory left.
It really was a great day wandering around and seeing all the amazing creativity that is here. Outside they even had a band and poets. It was just amazing.

March 5, 2008


One door in all Utah that could have rivaled the best in Hollywood and now it is gone. Taken way with the soul of Sugarhouse. Just look at the perfect layering of fliers. Beautiful and never to be seen again.

March 3, 2008


Do you see what I see? Proof that winter will not last forever. It sometimes feels like I have never been warm in my life. YAY!! Spring will be here and I will be able to thaw my frozen bones.

March 2, 2008


I know it is self indulgent to put up "art" that I've made over the years but fuck that this is my blog and I think that I'm funky. These are all collages. Random magazine cut outs and acrylic paint. The one above was done around the time that I was becoming homicidal towards the patients at the homeless clinic where I use to work.
And after leaving that job things have gotten much better. My favorite is the one below. It was created one night when two of my friends and I decided to get together for a creative night with wine. UMMM, wine.