April 30, 2008

337, part 4

Light bulb head.
I imagine that the face at the center is surrounded by all the thoughts in his head and it is driving him crazy.
This was on the side of the building and my favorite of the entire show. I like how the squares of color combine to make her hair. The color of her skin is gorgeous and the look on her face is powerful.
Wilted roses running down the wall.

April 25, 2008

Girlsroom, part 2

And we are back to Monk's House of Jazz (which doesn't seem to ever have jazz artist). There must have been a poet in the restroom to come up with this ditty:

Power to the German Speaking Turtles
who argue in people's head about cultural retardation
and try to rape the vanilla tasting starfish
Wow, now those are some inspiring words.
I kind of really like this.
And again, my friends better love my enough to tag up a restroom in my honor. Trent dog must be so proud and honored by this.
Everyone wishes they were me.

April 20, 2008

Poor Yorick, part 2

I can't remember the name of the band but they did a very good job of mixing spoken word and jazz. While they played a light projector was being uses for an active kind of art piece.
There was a guy putting common objects which created interesting shadows on the wall. At this time he was using rubber bands.
Definitely one of my favorite artists of the visit. Unique, beautiful and slightly disturbing. Combine it all to make for a very interesting artist, Grant Fauhst.

April 18, 2008


Well, at least the proponents of evolution have the courtesy to graffiti in washable biodegradable chalk. To bad that they did this on a banking building downtown, when just a few blocks away is the Mormon temple. That would have been much more appropriate and hilarious.

April 15, 2008


Random walk about. Surprisingly I had never walked about this area in Sugarhouse even though I've probably passed by it a few hundred times. But I'd like to understand the fascination with the beet. These giant beets are just hanging out and I'd like to know why the beet? Is it grown in Utah? Is it the official plant of Sugarhouse? Wait, wait, is it a sugar beet? Didn't I hear something about sugar beets being big business in Utah before sugar from sugar cane was #1? I'd have to do some research into it. Nah, I don't think I care that much. Still, nice beet.

April 12, 2008

337, part 3

More pictures from the 337 project. There was just so much to see. Above is one of my favorites. It was huge and very well done. I loved how the hair was done.

The dresses were made my local fashion designers . I'm sure that had I not used my phone to take these pictures that the dresses would be much more impressive but take my word for it they were great. Until this show I had never considered that there would be any fashion designers in Salt Lake. But I guess anything is possible.This instillation did not quite fit with the feel of of the rest of the art. I'm thinking that it was some kind of commentary about war and how the people who are soldiers don't matter just that their are feet on the field. Maybe.
Can you spot the astronaut kitty? Or the gun slinging flower?

April 9, 2008

Girlsroom, part 1

For any man that has ever said that the girls room is always better than the boys, I introduce you to the bathroom at Monk's house of Jazz.
Now the day that I die, I want my friends and relatives to immortalize me on the door of a restroom stall. This is for Trenton-dog who someone fucking loves. Isn't that just the most touching thing you've ever seen?
I'm thinking that the "artist" in this stall must have been next door to someone who had not learned what their tolerance level is yet. I've definitely been in that situation, when all your trying to do is pee and the person next to you is praying to the porcelain god's. Makes it hard to relax. You know?
Yes, fight master does live in me. How did you know?

April 8, 2008

Mexi fest

The Salt Lake Film Center is one of the great organizations that help make SLC a wonderful place to live. They have frequent film screenings and festivals. All with an interest of exposing the viewers to different cultures and ideas. If anyone wants to check out their calender of events and get on their mailing list got to www.slcfilmcenter.org
These pics are from the Mexican film fest that they put together recently. I was only able to make it to one of the screenings but was treated to a performance by the Ballet Alegria de Mexico. They are a local all volunteer dance group that performs at many of the cultural events around SLC, performing traditional dances from Mexico. The movie that I watched was called La Zona. It is about an affluent gated community and how paranoia about outsiders warps their thinking. When 3 teenage boys break into their "compound" things get out of control. Very sad and very thought provoking. Definitely not what most of the people attending had expected. Which I suppose is the point of the festival. To show that Mexico is not just about dancing and drinking.

April 2, 2008

Poor Yorick, part 1

Poor Yorick is a large warehouse space that about 40 different artist do their work out of. The space is payed for by the artist themselves which allows them to be free of cooperate obligations. They have two openings a year. The spring opening was this Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29. Here are some random pictures from my visit. I tried to get the names of the artist attached to the picture. And if anyone is unhappy that I posted pictures of their art just send a message and I'll take down. And right after saying that I got the names of the artist here is a picture of one of the doors to a studio who's artist I did not get the name of. Oh well. Even though the door was not totally meant to be a piece of art, I enjoy the look of this swan. Graceful and very intense.
The piece above was done by Shasta Fletcher. I'm not exactly sure what I'm suppose to get from this but I actually think that the babies are kind of cute. I would probably like the bowl of eyes if it had not been the head but just a piece on it's own. Still this takes more talent than I have.