June 27, 2008


Could summer be any better? The sun is out until 9, the plants are blooming, the birds are chirping and my shoulders are peeling. Went to the farmer's market last weekend and I guess 4 hours in the sun is to much for me.
This weekend is the Arts festival. I usually volunteer but this year I have some other things to do but plan on going tonight. Have a great weekend and if anyone knows the name of the plant below I'd love to find out.

June 26, 2008

Rally, part 4

Now that the presidential election has come down to the final two it would be good to remember the words of this fine man, Daniel Ellsberg. He was responsible for releasing the Pentagon papers. He did this knowing that he could go to prison for the rest of his life. Yet, he knew that he had to do it and he did it.
In his speech he reminded us all that the oath taken by presidents, congressmen and soldiers take is to uphold the Constitution. Not to protect the country, not to protect our oil but to protect the Constitution. Mr. Ellsberg reminded us that our current president has almost completely forgotten this is a part of his job. If I would forget such a vital part of my job, I'm sure I'd be fired.
Here is hoping that the next president will remember what his job is a little better.

June 24, 2008

337, part 5

Finally, feeling better and able to be out and about. Went to the gallery stroll this weekend in conjunction with the "Fashion Stroll". The fashion stroll is a quarterly event that happens on 300 south from 200 east to 400 east. From what I've read there is suppose to be a fashion show of local designers but the last couple of times I've gone, I have not seen anything like that. It is nice to wander the funky stores that are right in that area. From the hardcore shop to the antique toy shop to the coffee shop, I'm starting to think that this area may be the replacement of Sugarhouse. With the fashion stroll was a shuttle taking people down to the Salt Lake Art Center. Which I forget exists most of the time. The current exhibit is a look back at the 337 project now that the building is officially gone. All that is left are the thousands of pictures that must have been taken while it was open. All in all the strolls were a blast.
And to top it off my friends and I were able to crash a guy's birthday party that was being held at a local bar called The Hotel. I think the guy's name is Gil and he is a photographer. Gil has some very interesting friends. The people watching was prime at this party. Thanks and happy birthday to you, Gil.

June 18, 2008

Library, part 1

I can't believe that I've been sick for 2 weeks now. I've never been sick for this long and it is getting old. I gave up and started on some antibiotics and hope that it kills whatever has decided to invade me. So far I've missed the first day of the farmers market, the Pride festival and parade, the Utah Cyber Sluts bingo fundraiser , the Damn These Heels film festival and several days of work.
Missing work is ok with me but not the parade. I love a good parade. And the Pride parade is one of the best. Instead here are some pics of the downtown library which I took the same day of the anti-Bush rally. I hope to be free of my illness by Friday to enjoy this weekends farmers market and gallery strole. Wish me well.
Do it, do it now!

June 12, 2008

Rally, part 3

Back to the rally. Above is a Marshal Thompson a Iraq veteran, a Utah native, and a promoter of peace. After he returned home in 2006, he decided that he would walk the length of Utah to get the message out. That, this war is not ok. There is a documentary on his experience coming out soon for more info go to asoldierspeace.com. I'm sure that he has spoken before many, many groups and to see him get emotional about the reasons why he is against the war was extremely moving.
This is Kathy Snyder. A Utah mother who lost her son in Iraq and wrote a book about it. "Not another mother's son should die in Iraq" Again, her speech was very moving but not as passionate as...
our former mayor Rocky Anderson's. A full transcript of his speech can be found at peaceandhumanrights.com. It was very well presented, if not a bit long winded. I think there is a rule somewhere that speeches should be 3-5 minutes long. Rocky easily got to the 8-10 minute mark. Still it was very heartfelt and very accurate.

June 9, 2008

Carmina, part 2

Quick one today. Isn't my kitty pretty?

June 3, 2008

Living Traditions

YAAAYYYY!!! The Living Traditions festival is great fun. It is the only festival that embraces all the cultures at once. Here you have all the cultures together and having a great time. I was only able to go on Friday this year but there is always next. It is every year on the 3rd weekend of May. I tried the popusas at the Salvadorian stand. I've had better but with beer they weren't to bad.
The Filipino girls were gorgeous. The Spanish influence is very obvious in all the dances.These ladies were amazing. They didn't spill a drop from the glasses balanced on their heads. Not even when they laid down on the stage and turned from their backs on to their stomachs and back.

June 1, 2008

Rally, part 2

It took forever to figure out who the pianist/signer that started the rally off is. I wasn't able to catch his name at the rally but finally found out that he is Rich Wyman. It was nice to have his songs to listen to while everyone got settled. He has a great song about Guantanamo that can be heard on his web site, www.richwyman.com
Our host for the rally is a member of the KRCL staff. Didn't catch his name either but funny guy. The entire rally was later broadcast on KRCL and maybe if your lucky might still be available on their web site, www.krcl.org.
And so no one thinks that I'm lying. The disgruntled youth were there.