September 4, 2007

Beehive Tea Room

This is absolutely one of my most favorite places in Salt Lake. The Beehive Tea Room, on 15 west 300 south. Just west on Main St, downtown. It has this amazing feel to it. When I'm in there it is like I'm transported to another place. The tea is great even if a bit pricey. But I don't mind. I figure it as the price I pay to be surrounded with such ambiance.
And the music that they play is great bluesy, jazzy, loungy kind of music. It's the kind of place that makes for a great end to hard work week.
I've seen the place used for bridal and baby showers. I know that if you call in advance they will prepare a whole tea service. With those great tiny sandwiches and pastries. I do wish that they stayed open just a bit longer, they close at 7pm. But even a couple of hours there makes for a great escape.