September 14, 2007


Ha ha ha ha ha. Love it. Strippers need our help. Those 6 inch bitch heels with the 3 inch see through platforms, don't buy themselves. I've only been to strip joints in Salt Lake so I don't know how they compare to other places. I'd think that most are about the same.

I do believe that strippers, or sorry exotic dancers, do need help in a couple of areas. First, if you are going to say that you are an exotic dancer then dance! For god sake, find the beat and follow it. Some of the women I've seen have no idea how to dance. These ladies are strippers, not dancers at all. Second, if you are going to have acrylic toe nails (which I think is gross to begin with) please have them painted. No one wants to see your toes glowing green under the black lights. Disgusting.