October 31, 2008


I must be in a Halloween mood because I have been visiting the local cemeteries lately. It is really interesting to see what people choose to represent them for all eternity. Like the tume stone above. This looks like a stone that would be chosen for one of the characters off the movie Boondock Saints.
Then there are the fake tume stones that are used to decorate. I wonder if anyone has ever used one of these designs for their personal tume stone. It would make for an extra creepy grave site. But I really I'm so happy when I see houses that go all out for halloween. Because if you don't the statue below will come alive at midnight and rip you limb from limb. WHAHAHAHAH!!! Happy Halloween.

October 29, 2008


I haven't put much though into what is going to happen to my body when I die. I figure cremation will be the way I go. And then a sprinkling somewhere nice. But the some of these people must have put a lot of thought into the process. Like the family plot above. What would it be like to know that there was a place ready for your death from the moment of your birth? I'm just learning how to live and to think that someone has already decided what to do with me when I die is just a little creepy.
Or would I prefer to be laid out along side all these strangers another marker in the ground. This seems like a better representation of life. A bunch of strangers all different in minor ways but all the same in the ways that matter. An individual in a sea of sameness. Or may be I'd want to be like the guy below, set apart, special. I think I'd rather just blow away on the wind.

October 27, 2008

For sale

Man, I wish I had money. I would absolutely love the own this building. I looks like when you buy it you have to move it. It is nice to see that they are trying to find a way to keep the building intact instead of just demolishing it.
All the windows have been bricked up but once you open that up and add some great glass. Maybe some nice stain glass on the archway. This is a beauty. It looks like it is 3 stories. I'd live in the top two. Make the roof a garden and rent the first floor out to business or open a coffee shop, bar, club, diner, something.
It looks like someone got creative with the grout and added a happy face. I'd just keep that as is. Well, whoever gets this place I'm sure will put it to good use.

October 26, 2008


The library book sale was awesome! There were more people there than ever before. I guess people are having a hard time in this economy. But with great deals like this, it's not impossible to make due. I was able to get 14 books for $5. Score! The next one is in April but I think I'll have to wait until next October. I just can't read that fast.

October 24, 2008


What in the hell?!! When did Christmas shopping start in October? Halloween hasn't even happened yet! Here I am at the Smith's on 400 East. On one side Halloween, like it should be because that's the next damn holiday. But what the hell is on the other side FUCKING CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS!!!! I mean really? Christmas already?
Not even thanksgiving stuff but christmas stuff. I think they skipped a couple of holidays in there. I haven't even carved a pumpkin yet. No tricks or treaters, no turkey coma and stuffing has happened yet. What the hell? I know that christmas is a profitable time for stores but be reasonable. At this rate some day it really will be christmas in July.

October 20, 2008


When I first moved here, I had no clue what these painful balls of fury were. Now I'm older and wiser, they're chestnuts. I see them all around the neighborhood and have always like being able to harvest things from around my neighborhood.
But all I know about chestnuts comes from the Bing Crosby song. What if you don't have an open fire? Can I eat these raw? Can they be oven roasted like a chicken?
Or maybe, I'll just leave them alone. Any nut protected like Darth Vader's head, might be to much for me to handle.

October 17, 2008


I had no clue that Salt Lake has an official adult kickball division as part of the World Adult Kickball Association. Walking home one evening, I happen across 3 games in progress. It made me really happy to see that kickball is alive and well. They even have a web page (well, what doesn't really) http://www.kickball.com/waka_divisions.php. It's to late to sign up for this year but I'd give kickball a try. Why not? Maybe next year. In the mean time I guess I'll have to practice my foot-eye coordination.

October 12, 2008


Word! I'm guessing someone feels that the Utah transit authority are a bunch on thieves. But considering that the fare is now up to $2.25 and a regular monthly pass is $75, I'm not totally surprised.

October 7, 2008


Hello all. Miss me? I know I know, I'm horrible leaving you alone like that but I'm back. Now bask in my glory. Yes, bask my pretty bask. Ok, enough of that. The library book sale is coming up shortly. I'm SOOOOO excited. I love the book sale. I still have about 20 from last year but that's alright. You can't ever have to many books. People that don't read books scare me a little. And people who don't know what newspapers they read scare me the most (shout out to Palin). Most of my reading consists of books bought at the book sale. Rarely, do I buy a book full price. The only time I do that is if there is a specific book that I want to read. Like right now I'm reading "The brief and wondrous life of Oscar Wao" by Junto Diaz. I had seen an interview with Junto and was really interested in the book. So far, I'm very happy with the read. To any other bibliophiles out there I recommend hitting the book sale. You do have to hunt around a bit but there are always gems on those shelves waiting for your fugal fingers to pick up. Happy hunting.