July 25, 2008


More random pictures of things about town. The pic above is of the largest weed I think I've ever seen. The thing was like 4 feet tall and still had more to go. Feed me, Seymour, feed me. And the picture below is of Petunia, the piggy who went to market. Specifically, Tony Caputo's market on 300 south and 300 west. If you need an Italian grocer, this is the place to go.

Pioneer day

Another year in the land on Zion is celebrated with fire. Another day to remember that the separation of church and state is wafer thin. In what other state are school kids allowed to leave school to participate in off campus church classes? Religious teaching is usually done on a family's time not the tax payers.
In what other state does a church own the two largest newspapers? Where else does a church own two shopping malls, an insurance company, and a television station? Well, in Florida they do own the largest farm, Deseret Ranches of Florida. In Hawaii they own the Polynesian Cultural Center and the La'ie Treatment Works (a sewer company). Ahhh, theses are all old gripes.
It will take years and years before there are enough like minded people here to make a change. In the mean time, I'll enjoy an extra payed day off and watch the pretty lights.

July 23, 2008


The Twilight Concert series at the Gallivan center just seems to get more and more crowded. So, far I have only gone to one and I didn't even get to see the group because there were so may people. I love going but find it such a hassle. The line for wine/beer can take up to 20 minutes, sometimes. And that goes the same for the porta-potties. Even though they bring in about 30 of them. So, you try to find a good spot but by the time you struggle through the crowd, get a drink and take a leak, you've lost your spot and about a hour of your time. Still, if you can plan it right and don't have to pee, the Gallivan concerts are a blast. Maybe the next one will work out better for me. I hope.

July 21, 2008


I implore anyone to tell me what this place is. It is on the corner of 800 south and 500 east. It has been the same for over a decade. The boxes inside come and go and get moved around and only once in 12 years have I seen a person inside. It has a neon sign that says Railroad Damage Mrch in the window that is never on. So, is this a store, a storage place, a secret hide out for a super hero? What is it?

July 19, 2008

The Flobots

The Flobots' show was amazing. It reminded me that no matter where a band plays, if they are great the show is great. The Avalon is missing a few things like air conditioning and an ATM. I really don't carry cash anymore. So, getting to a venue that is cash only and that doesn't offer an ATM is strange and inconvenient.
Then, we were informed that if you want to go in and out of the venue you have to buy a $2 wrist band. I mean really? Two bucks is nothing but it's the principle of the matter. I already bought a ticket and now I have to buy a wrist band, if I want a smoke or go find an ATM since you don't have one? Just great.
Luckily the band was not starting for an hour or so. We just went to the bar across the street had a beer and got some cash. Yeah, and the bar across the street was a typical biker bar with country rock playing called The Dawg Pound. Not my usual hang out but you do what you have to.
Anyways, the Flobots started their set and it was great. I must have lost about a gallon of water from how hot it was and how much I was dancing. At one point a small group was trying to mosh but the band simply stopped playing and told them that this was not that kind of show. Very impressive. They did a fun cover of "Happy together" by the Turtles and the lead rapper pulled out a moving solo about his brother, who died on 9-11, and his feeling towards our actions following. Then, I nearly lost it during "Stand Up". I love that song.
And being the politically minded folks that they are, they are trying to start a movement through www.fightwithtools.org. Check it out. The venue may have been lacking but the Flobots were in great form.

July 18, 2008

Girlsroom, part 3

Yayayayayaya!! It's the weekend. Tonight we are going to see The Flobots at the Avalon. Since it is an all ages venue, I wonder if they serve beer. Because, what is a weekend with out beer? I guess we shall see, either way I'm very excited. How often is there a rap group, that you actually like, from of all places Denver, Colorodo?
But I'm thinking that Avalon's restrooms will be no match for the craziness that is the Monk's House of Jazz restroom. I mean, is nothing sacred, not even the Breath asure guy? He's just trying to help you out. And again, how else to ensure that everyone is aware of your enduring friendship but to post it on a door? I'm sure that by proclaiming their unending friendship that Amy and Selena will forever be bonded. Bitches!

July 17, 2008


Downtown has been getting a lot of attention in the last few years. All except a few places. This being one of them. It is on the south side of 200 south and about 250 west. In the time that I've lived here, I don't think this building has ever been used. I only remember it as always being boarded up. But maybe things are looking up for this place. When I passed by last, one of the windows was open. Me, I just had to look. What a huge space. I could do a lot with so much space. To bad I don't have the money to go along with it. So, here's hoping that someone with both money and vision has come along to save this old building.

July 15, 2008

Farmers market

You know, if the farmer's market weren't so early in the day, I'd probably be there every weekend instead of once or twice in the season. And yes, I know that it's open 8 am to 1 pm but by 12 it seems like most of the vendors are packing it in. So, really I have to get there around 10 which means getting up at 8. I sound like I'm whining but I'd really like not to be out and about before 10 on the weekend.
Yet, sometimes I have a desperate need for fresh produce, fabulous crafts and musical entertainment, all of which I can get at the farmers market. I could try one of the other farmer's markets around town but that just seems like so much work. But if your interested a list of these are at http://utahsown.utah.gov/FarmersMarkets.htm. I think I'll just stick to the one downtown.
They schedule different performances each week and have different cooking demonstrations. A schedule can be found at http://www.downtownslc.org/events/farmersmarket/farmersmarketvisitors.htm. Last time I went the large group pictured was playing. They are a group from Mexico and sounded great.
On the south side of the park was a the local capoeira group doing a demonstration. Watching capoeira is a lot of fun but I'd probably just look like a fool if I tried it. I'll just stick to being a spectator. But, if you'd like to try it out then check out their web site http://www.utahcapoeira.com/. Later gaters.

July 11, 2008

Arts festival, part 1

I just can't seem to be able to keep up with posting. The Arts festival was 2 weeks ago and here are some of the pics from it. The metal work really interested me this year. Fred Conlon made the piece above. I really like that the "heart" is a pad lock that says hardened on it and that the staff he's holding doubles as a propane torch. Nice touch. You can find his work on-line at www.sugarpost.comThis beautiful horse was made by a different artists who's name I did not catch. True to tradition the artists were pretty much the same this year as last. There were a couple of new ones but over all the same. Not to say that the art isn't good. It's great but year after year of seeing the same art is kind of a let down. I know people who have stopped going at all because of that.
The art festival for me has become less about the art and more about the performers and the people watching. It does my heart good to see that Utah is not just a homogeneous blob but a great place full of funky people.
All in all, it was a lovely day in the SLC.

July 10, 2008

337 redone, part 1

To commemorate the destruction of the building that was the 337 project, the Salt Lake Arts Center's current exhibit is a look back at the project and the artists. It is scheduled from now until late September. For info you can go to http://www.slartcenter.org/
It was great fun to get a second look at the art from the project and to see the new pieces inspired by it. There is a short film that you can watch and if you really want you can buy the DVD.
Some of the building was salvaged and reworked into the pieces. Like in the picture above all the containers were full of.....I want to say sawdust but it is courser than that but it's not really shavings, anyways full of wood pieces from the building. One of the paintings was simply the drywall from the building that the artist salvaged. So, go check it out.

July 8, 2008

God's plan

I've been seeing this picture posted all over downtown. It looks like something that would be sent into Postsecret. There really is a ton of pressure on people in their early 20's to get married in Utah.
It's fairly common for girls who are 20 or 21 years old to worry about marriage. It seems like being a 24 year old unmarried girl is just not ok. It's a little better if you are a guy. As most mormon boys do, they go on a mission for 2 years at the age of 18. So, if they go on a mission and then college, they could easily be 24 or 26 before they are ready to care for a family.
My boyfriend's sister is a great example. She is 21 and not married. She gets questioned about it all the time. And not from just the old church ladies but from girls her own age who are starting to get engaged or are already married.
Pushing people to get married young and then pushing them to have children soon after, may not be a great idea. And to top it all off, they must always be happy. With this much pressure it is not wonder that Utah has ranked #1 in depression.
I've been told that I should not make the jump from depression straight to mormonism. Yet, I wonder, why Idaho and Wyoming (the only other primarily mormon states) would also be in the top 10 of most depressed, if there isn't? I'm thinking there must be some connection between being mormon and being depressed. Just a thought.

July 2, 2008

Poor Yorick, part 4

It almost seems like it should be time for Poor Yorick again but it won't be until September. Sad. These are the last images from the Spring opening. I really liked the work below. I wonder, if you put the portrait up in your home, would you start to feel like his eyes are following you were ever you go. And if he is looking at you, would he also be laughing at you? I think I need to watch a few less ghost hunter shows.
The artist who did the work above is Trent Call and his work can be found at http://www.swinj.com/.