August 31, 2008


And this little piggy went weee, weee, weee all the way home. How cute is this pinata? Spotted at the Gallivan trax stop.

August 29, 2008


My final meal. Well, at least at the Twilight concert series. The House of Tibet rocks my world. I only made it to the first and this last show. The bands for this year's line up were mostly unknown to me and when you add the huge crowd that gathers, it makes for a Thursday night that is not so attractive.
If the crowd weren't so huge, I could deal with a band that I'm not familiar with. And if the band were more to my liking, I could deal with the crowd being insane. This performance was not to packed until the last half. The crowd must have tripled in about a half hour.
Regardless, I would not have missed it. Good band, bad band, huge crowd...whatever, it is still a good time.

August 24, 2008


Take me out to the ballgame. Ok, the Salt Lake Bee's may not be a major league team but they arn't to shabby either.
Two of the Bee's team member were part of the Olympic team in China, infielder Matt Brown and pitcher Kevin Jepsen. They helped win a bronze. Not bad. And anyway going to a baseball game has nothing to do with the team (at least for me) but everything to do with grabbing a beer and a hotdog.
We even got to sit on the field for the fireworks show. I really do love the pretty lights.

August 20, 2008

Arts festival, part 2

Oh my, I still have pictures from the Arts festival. The thing above was wonderful. They call it an earth harp. The strings were attached at about the 3rd floor level and have to be played with special gloves to get the harmonies just right. You can check out the group that did this at:
Welcome to graffiti corner. It is a great thing that the urban artists are given a space at the festival which for the most part is very yuppie. And next year, the festival will be exactly the same. Same set up and 90% the same artists. Will I still go? Yeah, if only for the performances and people watching.

August 18, 2008

Library, part 2

What a pretty day this was. I have been told that the amazing Matisyahu is coming to this fair city. I have tried everything I can to find out how to get tickets with no luck. On his official website it says that he is coming to the University of Utah on 09-18-08. To bad that the link for buying tickets isn't working. Oh but don't you worry, I will find the concert, come hell or high water. And what is up with that saying "come hell or high water"? Would high water really be as bad as hell? I think, I'd rather deal with the high water and leave hell for another time. Not that I think that I'll go anywhere else but hell. I just don't want to do it anytime soon. Hey, do you think the high water part is referring to Noah's flood? If it is, I'm sure that I would not be one of the chosen to go on the ark and would still be going to hell. So, I guess it is really like saying come hell or hell.
Oh look, pretty buildings.

August 16, 2008


Well, I was just minding my own business going to the gallery stroll as usual and as I'm getting closer to 400 west I start to hear cheering and yelling. Being the curious person that I am, I had to check it out and ends up it's a huge bike race.
I'm not exactly the sportiest of persons and had not heard a thing about this. I guess, this is just the fourth year for this race, the Tour of Utah, and this year was the largest. It's a 5 day race with each day set at a different location around the valley.
Myself not even knowing how to ride a bike, am always impressed by how fast one can go. These guys just whip by. The picture above makes it look like they aren't going fast at all but that was taken using the super fast shutter speed. The picture below was really what it looked like when they came by. Whoosh. And the crowd was cheering them on the whole way. Never would I have guessed how popular a bike race, that is not the Tour de France, could be.

August 15, 2008

Carmina, part 3

Here are some lovely pictures of the fabulous Carmina. This is for the most part what she will be doing this weekend. Myself, I have what may be to many plans. Tonight is the Gallery stroll, tomorrow is the 5K for transplant at 8am, then that night going to go dance the night away at Area 51. Sunday will have to be a recovery and clean the house day. Or maybe I'll chuck it all out the window and just nap with the cat. We shall have to see. May the weekend treat everyone well. Laters.

August 13, 2008

337 redone, part 3

This is it. The final 337 pictures. Now, what am I going to post about? Oh well. All good things must come to and end. But new things will take it's place, in the ever changing world of art. And talking about art, this Friday is the monthly Gallery Stroll. For more info on it go to:

I've been told that a couple of guys that I know are showing some collaborative art at one of the galleries. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I'm thinking it will be good. I've seen the art of one and really liked it.

I see so much art around and many times I think to myself that I could do that. And I probably could but I just don't have the ambition. This is what makes me an on looker and not a participant. Maybe someday I'll get the desire to create, but for now I'm so happy that others make pretty stuff for me to look at. Keep up the good work!

August 11, 2008


One thing the city does well is clean up fliers. This one was there one day and literally gone the next. Maybe it is not the city that cleans up well but people that see this and like it so much that they take it. Because the many fliers that are up for concerts at the new Vortex club or at the Boing! house never seem to come down. I'm so glad that I had my camera this day. I didn't exactly have time to stand there and read it at the time but was able to take these pictures. I'm not sure if I actually like the writing but I always love random acts of art.

"If I could speak to the place that is the core of you I wouldn’t. I’d wear a mask and hide there till you weren’t looking. Then I’d spray-paint love poems on the walls that protect the wealth behind your eyes. If you spotted me, I’d throw the foot chase so you could arrest me and toss my body into the cell of your higher understanding. I love you like the dumpster loves to starve people for the rich. I love you like the train yard loves the hobo’s courage. I love you like the shit job loves the hangover. I love you like the junkie loves the needle’s ritual. I love you like the tyrants love the coward’s fear. I love you like the sunset loves the thunderstorm to just wait a moment….BEFORE IT FIGHTS!!! Coup de-etat."

This flier was in the same place as the last but has a very different message.

August 8, 2008

337 redone, part 2

Hello again. Went on vacation and haven't had time to post. To anyone who is a roller coaster fan, I absolutely recommend the X2 ride that is at Magic Mountain in California. Wow, what a ride. Vacations are great but it is taking me a bit to get into the rhythm of work and life. Oh well, here are some more pics from the look back at the 337 project enjoy and I'll be posting more frequently now that we are back. Later gaters.